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“Rumark Properties” is an authorized dealer for properties in the “Rudn Enclave Housing Society.” Being an authorized dealer of a housing society signifies that Rumark Properties has the official authorization to represent and facilitate property transactions within the Rudn Enclave Housing Society.

If you are considering property transactions in the Rudn Enclave Housing Society, reaching out to Rumark Properties could be a strategic choice given their official authorization. Always ensure to verify the credentials and authorization of any real estate agency or dealer before engaging in property transactions.


Rudn Enclave

Most ideally located at the juncture of Adyala Road and Rawalpindi Ring Road, RUDN Enclave offers an unmatched lifestyle living in a serene, secure, and most modern gated community where world-class amenities are being ensured through the benchmark planners-NESPAK and collaboration of developers of international repute. Originally conceived by the landmark developers, RMRSCO (Pvt.) Ltd, we intend to make RUDN Enclave an ultimate choice for contemporary living.

The natural beauty of the terraced landscape is augmented by shining waters from Khasala Dam which renders our location an ultimate destination for families and tourists alike.

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Rudn Enclave offers some of the following futuristic amenities


24/7 security system involves the installation of cameras strategically positioned throughout the society to provide constant surveillance.

Commercial Ares

Ideal Location of Rudn Enclave there are many possibilities to grow up your business.

24/7 Water and Electricity

Uninterrupted power supply and 24/7 water facility services provided by Rudn Enclave City.

Grand Mosque



Police Station



Rudn Enclave City Rawalpindi can be accessed through the following means:


From RUDN Enclave To Ring Road Zero KM.

Rawalpindi Saddar

Rawalpindi Saddar to RUDN Enclave via Adyala road: Approx 20 Minutes’ drive

Islamabad Airport

RUDN enclave to Islamabad International airport 15 Minutes’ drive