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RUMARK Real estate agency play a crucial role in simplifying complex transactions, providing market expertise, and ensuring a smooth experience for their clients throughout the various stages of property transactions. The specific services offered may vary between agencies, but these are common offerings in the real estate industry.

Types Of Real Estate In Which We Deal


Vacant land and undeveloped property are commonly referred to as "land." RUMARK deals with the sale & purchase of Land

Housing Societies

Residential property is a home or apartment for an individual or a family. RUMARK can help you find the home of your dream.

Commercial Land

Property used by businesses for their operations is called commercial property. Find your ideal shop or an office with RUMARK.

Industrial Land

A building or piece of land that is used for industrial purposes is industrial real estate. Let us help you find industrial space.

Rent A Property

we provide service of rent a property such as shops ,apartment ,house.

Farm Houses Land

we exclusively deal in sale and purchase of Farm House land in Rudn Enclave City.

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